Progress Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Pole Technologies Pte Ltd and Tempura Metals Industries Pte Ltd are three well known key players in the Hot Dipped Galvanizing industry in Singapore with history dated as far back as 1986. Being the pioneers, we have been serving the diverse needs of industries ranging from Constructions, Hardware, Engineering, Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, and many others for more than 2 decades. Not only has our success come from our long-standing focus and intense commitment to our customers, the management’s long term planning and strategic goals are also critical success factors lying strong foundations for continuous growth.

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Basically the mechanical properties of steel material are not affected by galvanizing process and also it will not cause any damage during transportation, erection and also it will not cause any damage during

Centrifuge Galvanizing

The benefits of Centrifugal Galvanizing are basically similar to the benefits of Hot Dipped Galvanizing. Except Centrifugal Galvanizing provides high and uniform coating on all parts, including threaded bolts and other unusual shapes and


We have an in-house auto machine and shot blasting chamber catering to diversified needs. Shot blasting results in high profile that determines aspects such as adhesion, coverage and overall volume of coating used.